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Here are some of the guinea pigs at the Wheek & Squeak who are looking for their forever homes.  If you think you can help these unfortunate guinea pigs and give them a loving home please contact us.  We have around 120 guinea pigs here, the elderly and frail ones will stay with us but we have loads of young beautiful pigs that desperately need a home of there own.  This page was updated on 25th January 2018.

If you are interested in any of the guinea pigs please read through our rehoming policies on Adopting a Guinea page and then ring Beverly on 01929 427067 to take further details.  Look forward to hearing from you.




Tia & Maria came into rescue on the 7th August 2017 as their owners were moving house.

They were born in January 2016 and are very pretty ladies.



Brunhilde and Renee are very cute little piggies. They came in to rescue together on the 4th August 2017 after their owners were told they could no longer house them in their flat. 

They  were only born in January 2017. They really are a wonderful pair who deserve a home and family of their own.



Pip and Squeak came into rescue on the 4th November 2017 after their owners could no longer afford to keep them due to finance issues.

These elderly girls were born in 2013 and are very timid at the moment.



Clover and Sofia came into rescue on 11th November 2017 as their child had lost interest.  They were born in 2014 and are very friendly and easy to handle.  Such lovely comical little characters who are an absolute delight.



Ellie and Honey came into rescue on 10th January 2018 due to their owners ill health.  Absolutely beautiful friendly sows who will need a home where they can look after their long coat.  Regular trimming will be needed.  Ellie was born in 2015 and her friend Honey was born in July 2016.



Harmony, Lacey and Maddie came into rescue on 10th January 2018 due to their owner's ill health.  Harmony was intially bought from Pets at Home and was found to be pregnant.  Lacey and Maddie are her two beautiful daughters.  Harmony was born in July 2016 and her babies were born on 18th October 2016.  3 very friendly sows who must be rehomed together.





Trump and Boris are two very handsome boars who came into rescue on the 1st October 2017 due to their owners dog showing too much interest in them so they had to go. They were born in 2016 and are very sweet young boys who are a little scared at the moment.



Ralph and Max came into rescue on 7th April 2017 due to the owners no longer having the time to look after them. 

They were both born in April 2017 so are still very young and quite nervous.



Boris and Ben came into rescue on the 4th March 2017 and are such lovely characters. They were part of a big rescue from Denmead and much like their brothers, who are also up for adoption, they are very confident little chaps.

They were born 13th February 2017.



Raoul and Wallenberg came into rescue on 6th October 2017 as they were no longer wanted.  They were born in May 2016 and are very friendly and easy to handle.  Very handsome boars who are just waiting for their forever home.



Dennis and Otis came into rescue on 25th November 2017 when their young owner died.  Originally they were living with another boar Frank but the three boars together was not working and Frank was bullying these two.  So a decision was made to split them.  Dennis and Otis are living quite happily together and Frank is waiting to be paired with another guinea pig.  We do not know their exact age but they were very young pigs when they came in so I would think they were born around June/July 2017.  They were very skittish when they came in but are now settling in nicely and ready to go to their forever home.



Giles and Jackson came into rescue on 22nd December 2017.  Sadly they were found abandoned by some communal bins.  Luckily someone heard them scratching in the box and opened it up to investigate.  The gentleman contacted us immediately and we took them in.  We obviously do not know their age but would guess that they are around 18 months of age.  They are a little scared at the moment but are loving their cuddles so it will not be long before they will be very social piggies.



Cookie and Chocolate Brownie came into rescue on 16th January 2018 after the owners had lost interest in them. They were both born on the 12th October 2017 so they are still very young and nervous.



Heath came into rescue on the 6th September 2017 after his friend was eaten by a fox and the owners were worried the fox may come back for Heath. 

He was born in March 2017 and is looking for another single boar to be paired up with.



Jagger was brought into rescue on the 7th September 2017 after a mother had found her son breeding guinea pigs in the garden shed. He has such beautiful markings and amazing piggy lips - hence the name Jagger!

He was born in 2016 and is looking for a new single boar friend.



Victor came into rescue recently due to his owner's ill health.  He was born in January 2017 and has been very well handled.  He has such a lovely nature.  Victor needs to be rehomed with another male so he can have some guinea pig company.


Bertie was born on the 13th February 2017.  He is now looking to be paired up with another boar.  He came to us when he was only a few weeks old, together with his sister and brothers.  He is a Satin Himalayan. He loves sitting on top of his house and shouting or his veggies.


Fergus came from the same big Denmead rescue as Bertie above on the  4th March 2017. Sadly he did not get on with his other two brothers so we had to make the sad decision to split them. Fergus is now living on his own and is much happier. We haven't tried pairing him with any other boars so this is still a possibility otherwise he would love to live in a separate cage next door to another group of piggies.

He was born on the 6th February 2017 and much like his brothers he loves sitting on top of his wooden house and watching everything going on around him.



This is Buck who we think must be around 2 years old.  He is looking for another boar to be paired with.  He has lived with another pig who sadly died recently, so he is feeling rather lonely.


Frank came into rescue on 25th November 2017 with Dennis and Otis (above) because his young owner died.  He was being a bit of a bully to them so he was separated so we can find a more suitable friend for him.  He is such a lovely boy with the sweetest expression.  We believe he was born around June/July 2017.


Bert came into rescue on 13th January 2018 after he had lost his friend and was lonely. He was born in 2015 and is a very social friendly chap. He would like another friend of his own.



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