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Here are some of the guinea pigs at the Wheek & Squeak who are looking for their forever homes.  If you think you can help these unfortunate guinea pigs and give them a loving home please contact us.  We have around 120 guinea pigs here, the elderly and frail ones will stay with us but we have loads of young beautiful pigs that desperately need a home of there own.  This page was updated on 9th November 2018.

If you are interested in any of the guinea pigs please read through our rehoming policies on Adopting a Guinea page and then ring Beverly on 01929 427067 to take further details.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Adoption fee is a minimum donation of £15 per guinea pig and for a neutered boar a minimum donation of £45.




We are looking for a very special home for these 4 beautiful sows.  They are so nosey and are always up to something.  They need a very large hutch or cage, at least 6ft x 2ft so there is room for all 4 to stay together.

They have very long coats so needs someone who loves grooming, trimming and bathing regularly.

If you think you can offer them a forever home (please read our rehoming policies) we would be please to hear from you.

Harmony, Lacey, Maddie and Honey came into rescue on 10th January 2018 due to their owner's ill health. Harmony was intially bought from Pets at Home and was found to be pregnant.  Lacey and Maddie are her two beautiful daughters.  Harmony was born in July 2016 and her babies were born on 18th October 2016.Honey was born in July 2016 and was originally living with another sow who sadly passed away.  4 very friendly sows who must be rehomed together.



These three gorgeous girls came into rescue on the 20th January 2018 after their owner was moving house and didn't have the space for them. They all have such beautiful long hair and are very friendly girls. Strawberry loves spending time sat on top of her house on the look out for vegetables.

Strawberry and Tallulah were born in July 2016. Bluebell were born on 24th November 2016.  As they have always lived together we would like them to rehomed all together.



Baby Driver and Pig came into rescue on 8th September 2018 due to their owners having a new dog in the household.  They are both very friendly and Pig is always first in line for the vegetables.  They were born in 2016 and would love to have a home of their own.



Mel and Sue came into Wheek & Squeak on 29th October 2018 from another rescue. They are both very friendly girls who are already demanding food whenever we enter the shed. They were born in 2017 and would love to find their forever home soon.

The girls will be on pregnancy watch until January 2019 as they were rescued with males.



Tiger Lily, Honey and Tash came into rescue on the 4th September 2018 with 5 other guinea pigs because their owner could not care for them any more.  Tiger Lily and Tash were born in 2017 and Honey was born in 2016.  They are quite nervous so will need some gentle handling.

Update - These sows are really coming out of their shell now.  Little Honey loves to come over to say hello and see if you have any food for her.



Guinness, Lassie and Lady on 4th Spetember 2018 with 5 other guinea pigs due to their owner being unable to care for them anymore. Guinness is the older lady of group being born in 2018. They are a lovely family group with Guinness being the mother (born in 2014), Lassie is her daughter (born in 2016) and Lady is Lassies daughter (born in 2018).

At the moment they are quite timid but with time and patience and lots of hand feeding of veg they will be your new friends in no time!

Update - These three beautiful sows are getting alot bolder.  They are getting used to being handled and not so afraid.



Stef came into rescue on 12th November 2018.  She was born in April 2018.  She is very thin at the moment but is gradually putting on weight with the correct diet.  Once she has filled out she will be ready for rehoming, so she will be looking for another sow or neutered boar as her new friend.




Trump and Boris are two very handsome boars who came into rescue on the 1st October 2017 due to their owners dog showing too much interest in them so they had to go. They were born in 2016 and are very sweet young boys who are a little scared at the moment.



Dennis and Otis came into rescue on 25th November 2017 when their young owner died.  Originally they were living with another boar Frank but the three boars together was not working and Frank was bullying these two.  So a decision was made to split them.  Dennis and Otis are living quite happily together and Frank is waiting to be paired with another guinea pig.  We do not know their exact age but they were very young pigs when they came in so I would think they were born around June/July 2017.  They were very skittish when they came in but are now settling in nicely and ready to go to their forever home.



Squeak and Buttons are a lovely pair of boars who came into rescue on 18th October 2018 due to their owners no longer having time for them. They are quite shy at the moment but with a little time and a home of their own, their true characters will shine. They were born in 2017.


Pigster (brown) and Trevor (Black) were born in October 2017.  As you can see they are beautiful pigs.  Their coat will need to be trimmed on a monthly basis, we are happy to guide you on this.  Pigster is very laid back and happy to be cuddled, Trevor is a little more nervous but with regular handling he will be fine.  They came into rescue as the children had lost interest in them.


Wilbur came into Wheek and Squeak on the 29th October 2018 from another rescue. He is a lovely mannered boy who is looking for another boar to hopefully pair up with. We believe Wilbur was born in 2017. 



Brownie was born in June 2017 and is such a sweet friendly boy who is very nosy and likes to know everything going on in his shed! He came into rescue on 30th August 2017 with his friend Fluffy but sadly they both had a disagreement and we had to split them. We are now looking for a new boar to pair Brownie up with. 


Joey came into rescue in 2017 from a large rescue in Gosport. He was originally paired up with another boar named Chandler but he had ongoing health issues and Chandler sadly passed away. Joey is still only a young boy so we made the decision for him to be neutered in the hopes he would find a new girlfriend. Joey was born in 2017 and was only a baby when he arrived in rescue so we are desperate to find him a home of his own.



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