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Here are some of the guinea pigs at the Wheek & Squeak who are looking for their forever homes.  If you think you can help these unfortunate guinea pigs and give them a loving home please contact us.  We have around 120 guinea pigs here, the elderly and frail ones will stay with us but we have loads of young beautiful pigs that desperately need a home of there own.  This page was updated on 5th February 2020.

If you are interested in any of the guinea pigs please read through our rehoming policies on Adopting a Guinea page and then email or phone us and we will send you a rehoming questionnaire.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Adoption fee is a minimum donation of £15 per guinea pig and for a neutered boar a minimum donation of £45.




These three beautiful sows came to us as their owners were moving house.  They were born in January 2018.  They will be ready for rehoming in March 2020 and will be rehomed as a group of three.



Guinness, Lassie and Lady on 4th Spetember 2018 with 5 other guinea pigs due to their owner being unable to care for them anymore. Guinness is the older lady of group being born in 2018. They are a lovely family group with Guinness being the mother (born in 2014), Lassie is her daughter (born in 2016) and Lady is Lassies daughter (born in 2018).

At the moment they are quite timid but with time and patience and lots of hand feeding of veg they will be your new friends in no time!

Update - These three beautiful sows are getting alot bolder.  They are getting used to being handled and not so afraid.




Kitty & Lizzie came into Rescue on 3rd September 2019.  We do not know their actual age but they are young so were born probably the latter part of 2018 or very early 2019.  Lizzie the torti & white one has had babies (who have now been rehomed).  So Lizzie and Kitty are now ready for a home of their own.  They are still quite nervous but are now being regularly handled and are getting used to cuddles.


Gimli came into the rescue on 16th June 2019 after the owners were overrun with baby guinea pigs due to them being sexed incorrectly. As a result Gimli came to us pregnant and on 4th July 2019 she had 3 beautiful baby girls named Nina, Lisa and Alice. 

This little family can either go as a group or in pairs.


Bella and Lola came to us recently as their owners were unable to afford their keep.  They are a year old, absolutely beautiful sows who need a home of their own.  As you can tell they are sisters both have slightly different markings so you can tell them apart.


Bluebell and Milly came to us in October 2019 due to their owner's ill health.  Their age is unknown as there owner took them on from another family who had lost interest in them.  I would imagine they are about 2 years old.  Very friendly and inquisitive and love to come up to the cage to say hello.  Lets hope their next home will be their forever home.


This is Bonnie & Bridie who came to us on 3rd September 2019.  They came from a large rescue and we believe these are sisters.  They are very nervous but with regular handling they are getting a lot better with humans.


Velvet lives with Bonnie and Bridie (above).  She was born probably in 2018 and she too, as the rest of this rescue, is quite nervous, but coming around with regular handling.  She can be rehomed with the above pair or be paired up with another sow or neutered boar.


Thor and Cyf came into Rescue on 31st July 2019 due to owner's ill health.  They were born in 2018 and are both big cuddly pigs.  Apparently they did not get on with each other and had to live in separate cages but we have found that they get on really well and are happy to live together and share the same hutch.



Markle and Misty are two beautiful sows born in 2018.  Markle did become pregnant and had two beautiful baby sows on 1st July 2019 (Marlene and Trigger).  These four can be homed either as a group of four or in these two pairs.


Squeaky and Tufty came into rescue in January 2020 due to the children losing interest in them.  They were born in March 2017 and are very sweet little sows.  They are a little scared so will need some gentle handling, in the short time they have been here they are already coming out of their shell.




This is Snap, Crackle & Pop, three baby brothers born on 7th January 2020.  They came to us from an unwanted litter from a long line of unwanted litters from a pregnant sow from Pets at Home.  Hopefully we have now taken all the boars away from the sows but there could still be pregnant sows in the enclosure.  If they are we can get the baby boars out before they start mating the sows again.


This is Guinea and Ginger.  They were born in November 2017.  Such sweet boars and came into rescue due to owners moving house where there was a not pet policy.


Squeak and Buttons are a lovely pair of boars who came into rescue on 18th October 2018 due to their owners no longer having time for them. They are quite shy at the moment but with a little time and a home of their own, their true characters will shine. They were born in 2017.


Claude and Kenny are a lovely family pair with Claude being the father born in 2017 and Kenny his son born in June 2018. They came into rescue on the 29th October 2018 from another rescue. Claude is the more confident of the two, coming out and waiting for his veggies, whilst Kenny is a little more shy and hides behind his dad. They are a sweet tempered pair and we'd love to find them a home of their own.



These two handsome boars came into rescue on 12th May 2019 due to owner moving house. They were born in October 2017 and such sweet little guys.  Hopefully they too will soon have their forever home very soon.


Dennis came into rescue on 25th November 2017 when his young owner died.  Originally he was living with another boar Otis but they were not getting along so a decision was made to split them.  We do not know Dennis's exact age but I would think he was born around June/July 2017. 

He was neutered on 16.04.19.  Whilst waiting for a young sow to come in to pair him up with a lovely young boar called Franklin who was born on 12th May 2019 came to us and Dennis and Franklin have become firm friends.  So they will now be rehomed as a pair.


Timothy and Oliver are brothers who were born on 20th January 2020.  They are a result of Pets at Home selling pregnant sows.  They are so cute and will be ready for rehoming when they are 8 weeks old.


This is Peach who was born in 2017.  A lovely boar who I am sure would love a friend to live with. 

(UPDATE Peach is being neutered early March so will be ready towards the end of April to be paired with a sow)


Strawberry came into rescue with Peach but sadly the fell out.  Strawberry was born in 2017 and he too would love a new friend he can get on with.  A very gentle and inquisitive boar.


Squeak was probably born around August 2019.  He came into rescue as his owner bought 3 boars to live together and, as quite often happens, did not work out.  So Squeak has come to us so we can hopefully find a male friend for him.  If that does not work out he will be neutered when he is old enough and will be able to live with a sow.


Pumba was born in June 2019.  He is a single boar looking for a friend of his own.


Charlie is a mischevious 3 year old boar.  Full of life and loves interacting with people.  Im not sure he will bond with another boar but if not would be happy for him to live in a home where there are other guinea pigs around.


Buttons came to us in October 2019 due to his owners moving.  We have tried to pair him up with another boar but so far unsuccessfully, he may suit living with a calmer slightly older boar.  To find him that perfect home we may have to make the decision to have him neutered to live with a sow.  He was born in 2017 and is a very sweet natured piggy who loves a cuddle. (UPDATE Buttons is being neutered early in March so will be ready towards the end of April to be bonded with a sow).



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