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Due to the lack of time we have sadly had to make the decision not to continue with our retirement run sponsorship.  It has not been an easy decision but the care of the guinea pigs here has to take priority.

We will continue with a sponsorship but will be simpler for us to manage.

The Sponsorship cost is £6.00 per year.  You will receive a card with a photo of your chosen sponsored guinea pig/s.  You will also receive invites to come to our Sponsorship Open Afternoons held during the year.  They will always be on a Saturday afternoon and dates and times will be listed below.

Piggies to Sponsor


Bella (long haired) and Bonnie (Teddy) came to Wheek & Squeak on 21st April 2015 because there was an illness in the family and the owners did not have time to look after them.

They were born in October 2014 but were very small for their age.

Bella is a little shy but a real sweetie whereas Bonnie is a lot more confident and likes to be in charge.

Sadly they have never been adopted and their age is beginning to show, so we have decided to keep them in retirement here.


Svenny came to the Wheek & Squeak on 26th April 2017 because he had lost his friend and needed guinea pig company.

He was born in November 2016 so was almost a baby when he came to us.

We do not rehome any Skinny guinea pigs because of the specialist care they need.

He does feel the cold so he has a guinea pig fleecy cosy to sleep in to keep him warm.

He has the loudest squeak in the Rescue and is always the first to shout for food.


Olaf came to the Wheek & Squeak on 24th November 2014 with several other guinea pigs.

The daughter no longer wanted them so left them with her parents.

As they could not sex the guinea pigs the boars were in with the sows, so most of the sows were pregnant.

Olaf was around 6 months of age and was a lethal pig.  This means he is deaf, blind and usually at some stage could have teeth problems.  If used for breeding this will be passed to his babies.

The picture is of Olaf(white) with his best friend, a Skinny called Svenny.


Annie came to the Wheek & Squeak on the 4th March 2017 with her mum and 3 brothers and around 20 other guinea pigs.  They all came from one person who could no longer keep them.

Annie was born on 20th February 2017, so she was only 13 days old when she came to us.

At around 4 months old she developed a slight head tilt, so we decided to keep her at the Rescue in case she needs further medical treatment at some stage.

She is an adorable little soul who loves curling up in little boxes.  She also has the naughty habit of weeing and pooing in empty feed bowls.  But we forgive her.

Sponsorship Afternoon Dates

Dates to be listed soon

If you would like to support The Wheek & Squeak to carry on the work we do here and Sponsor one of our guinea pigs we would love to hear from you.

Please phone or email us.  Payment is either by cash, cheque or Paypal and your Sponsorship envelope will be on its way to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.