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It is never an easy decision to hand over your guinea pigs.  The most common reason for guinea pigs coming into Rescues is that they were bought for children who have now lost interest.

We will take in any guinea pig whether they are ill, old or just unwanted.  You will need to sign one of our surrender forms which signs the guinea pig(s) over to Wheek & Squeak's ownership. 

 We do not judge people for surrendering their guinea pigs, we just want the guinea pig to be in a safe environment where they will be cared for until they are rehomed to suitable loving homes.

Sadly some people take their guinea pig to the vets to be put to sleep because they cannot afford the veterinary treatment needed for their sick guinea pig.  We will take in these guinea pigs too, see that they get the right treatment, nurse them back to health and let them enjoy their retirement here.

Running any Rescue is very costly so we kindly ask for you to consider giving a donation to help us continue our work.  It is not a condition for taking in your guinea pig(s) but it would be much appreciated.

It is very stressful for a guinea pig to move to a different environment.  They will be scared of the new smells, sounds and different routine.  We understand this and try to make this move as stress free as possible.  They can feel secure here because of the sounds and smells of other guinea pigs around them.  

We provide plenty of hay for them to hide in so they can come out and explore when they feel ready to do so.

Sometimes guinea pigs that come into Rescue are very frail or have health issues, these piggies will live in our piggy retirement shed for the rest of their days.  With the sows that come in, they will live in a large indoor run along with other elderly ladies for company.  Any boars are found a suitable friend for companionship.

We will never put a guinea pig put to sleep because it is unwanted.  The only time a piggy is put to sleep is when their pain cannot be alleviated.  We have a very knowledgeable vet so when this decision is made we know it is the right one.

If you would like to surrender your guinea pig over to us please contact us either by phone or via email wheekandsqueak|, please do not contact us through Facebook.



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